The Advantages of Soft Water for Smoother Skin and Silkier Hair

When an old water softener finally stops working and the household doesn't replace it right away, they start noticing the problems that hard water causes. Lime scale starts to build up around the faucets. They have to use more shampoo and laundry detergent because hard water reduces soap's effectiveness. Water with a high content of dissolved minerals also can have unwanted effects on skin and hair. Soon, the household will be a customer of a company providing water softener replacement services.

Soft Water for Hair

Hard water can leave hair look dull and feeling less silky than it did with soft water. Much of this effect depends on the type of hair the person has. Those with coarse, thick hair tend to appreciate soft water to tame and soften the hair a bit. Soft water actually is a bit moisturizing. Anyone who has become accustomed to soft water will notice the difference once they no longer have it. They'll start checking water softener prices and make a plan to buy a new appliance.

The mineral content also can affect the color of hair that has been dyed. The hair can start to look a bit brassy—an effect people usually do not want. Color that has been applied to hair can start to fade earlier than would otherwise be the case.

People with thin, fine, straight hair may find that soft water flattens it a little. However, they can use a volumizing shampoo to counteract the effect. Individuals with other types of hair will find that soft water is gentler on their locks. Water with a high level of dissolved minerals can be damaging to hair.

Soft Water for Skin

Dissolved minerals can make skin drier and itchy for some individuals and even contribute to eczema flareups. Soft water helps skin feel smoother after a bath or shower, so applying more moisturizer becomes the norm without it. After all of this has gone on for a while, the person becoming frustrated with the results will do a search for a local company to replace my water softener.

The Prevalence of Hard Water

Most regions of the United States are characterized by hard water, whether the residents rely on municipal systems or private wells. Some residents don't mind, but others don't like the effects of the minerals on the plumbing fixtures, the soap use, and their skin and hair. They can ask about the best water softener system from a supplier such as Allegiance Water.